Brand Strategy & Messaging




Zipwhip is a successful Seattle-based tech start-up that allows businesses to text with their customers. With millions of happy customers, many powerful features, strong leadership and several rounds of funding, Zipwhip’s next step was to clearly articulate their brand strategy and develop a data-driven messaging hierarchy.



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A branding effort requires clear understanding of perspectives from all parts of an organization. This project began with 12 in-depth stakeholder interviews including the C-suite, founders, all department leads, and a facilitated session with the marketing team.


To understand the customer journey and form hypotheses of key purchase drivers, we conducted ten in-depth interviews among new Zipwhip customers.


Next we conducted a facilitated stakeholder session to present and discuss qualitative findings, refine our hypotheses, and develop customer-inspired value propositions, taglines and positioning language to evaluate in the next phase of study.


To gain the confidence of numbers, we evaluated positioning, value propositions and product features through an online survey of n=1,200 small- and medium-sized business customers and prospects.


Zipwhip quickly deployed the new tagline on their website and updated all digital marketing materials to reflect the new positioning, value proposition and messaging hierarchy.

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Steve Kesselman