About DFT 


DO FEEL THINK is a strategy consulting firm that turns research into smart decisions and strong brands.

We battle "boring" by making insights compelling. We fight subjectivity and assumption in the search for objectivity and truth. We are at war with inertia, inspiring action.

We help clients share meaningful learning and make an impact through thoughtful analysis, insights with clear action, compelling design and storytelling.

DO FEEL THINK can serve as your brand strategist, account planner, or research and insights partner.


Steve Kesselman


Steve has led creative strategy and brand planning at ad agencies 22squared, Arnold Worldwide and WONGDOODY; directed research and strategy efforts at global consultancy C_Space; and managed millennial insights firm Cassandra through an evolutionary change from a brilliant subscription report to a scalable SaaS business.

He has had the privilege of spearheading efforts for renowned Fortune 500 brands including Citibank, Unilever, AB InBev, U.S. Bank, Nestlé, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Publix Supermarkets.

Steve is most proud of the anti-tobacco work his team completed for the Washington State Department of Health targeting high-risk youth and low socioeconomic households. Calls to the quit-line tripled, and 13 states adopted the campaign in their local markets through a partnership with the CDC.

Steve graduated from Emory University earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and a second degree in psychology.

Behind The Name

Our name is inspired by a model taught in Marketing 101, Do-Feel-Think.

The elements of this model not only capture the most important aspects of humanity, but also provides a useful way to think about objectives, consumer behavior, and brand strategy.


Action is what we seek from customers, and action begets action.


Emotions are the primary driver that motivate action.


Ideas command attention and keep a customer’s interest.


Brands that succeed are active, energetic and dynamic. They live, breathe, grow, change. They remain relevant by demonstrating movement and momentum. They aren't one-dimensional; they're multifaceted and complex. They are active, inventive, and intricate. They are brands that do.


People seek connection and meaning in their lives. This can be personal, it can be societal, but it's certainly not corporate. To succeed, a brand must be more meaningful than its product and category. It must connect with people on an emotional level, and leave room for customers to give the brand personal significance.


Winning brands know that people want to peel back the layers. People's decisions may be driven by emotion, but they want to think and seek stimulation. They want to discover. Brands that succeed are interesting and useful, offering a thoughtful point of view, sharing new ideas, offering entertainment, and joining in the discussion.

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